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Automated warehouse rack

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Automated warehouse rack

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Detailed introduction

   Automated warehouse rack:


   AS/RS consists of a vairiety of computer-controlled system for automatic placing and retrieving loads from defined locations

It is made up of high-bay rack, material handling, computer controlling system and rack-supported buildings. The system operates under computerized control, maintaining the items storage. Retrieval of items is also accomlished by specifying the item type.

  With an extensive, market-oriented products ranges, Sunli generate tailered logisitics solutions that fit for your business processes. Thus enable us to assure optimum efficiency and profitability for our customers.In addition, the compatibility of Sunli-supplied system comonents offer extensive flexibility and lays the groundwork for future expansions.Usin the lastest technology(SEW,DEMAG,BAUER,SIEMENS,LEUZE, SICK and OMRON),we develop cutting edge automation ranging from the single systems to complex installation.




1, It allows for more storage space due to high-density storage rack and narrow aisles.

2, An efficent AS/RS system helps companies cut expense by minimizing the amount of unnecessary 

parts and parts in storage, and improving organization.

3, Automation reduces labor costs while lowering workforce requirements and increasing safety.

4, Tracking where products are stocked, which supplies they come from and the time when they are 


5, Enabling a seamless link to order processiong and logisitics managment in order to pick and ship 

products out of facility.

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