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Shuttle type shelf equipment

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Shuttle type shelf equipment

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Detailed introduction

  The shuttle delivery system is a complete high-density storage system consisting of shuttle trucks and forklifts. This efficient, high safety warehouse space utilization brings a whole new selection.

  Product applications and features:

  Product application:

  For much less: food, drinks, chemicals, tobacco and other varieties of single large quantities of items, relative to a single industry cold storage operation: low temperature reduction of operation time, improve the efficiency of safety management work period: there are strict requirements on the goods batches, need advanced operation management of warehouse capacity: Limited storage space, increase to maximize the use of space in the warehouse.

  Product features:

  1. high density storage, high utilization of warehouse

  2., high efficiency, greatly reduce the waiting time

  3., the operation mode is flexible, and the way of goods access can also be advanced first out

  4., good safety, reduce shelf collision, improve safety productivity



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