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Shuttle bus

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Shuttle bus

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  • Release date:2019/10/26
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Detailed introduction

1. Product introduction

      A shuttle is a device that runs and carries unit cargo in an intensive shelf. The main structure consists of the body, the battery, and the control unit. The shuttle bus can be run wirelessly in the shelves due to its own power supply, and when it is necessary to carry the goods, it runs to the cargo unit and then the goods are transported upwards.

2. Product characteristics

1) with the use of intensive shelves, shuttle cars running in a dense shelves on the channel;

  2) for the goods unit varieties, the number of large occasions;

  3) usually a car is responsible for a shelf channel, with the stacker, child car can be equipped with a car to prepare multiple channels;

  4) the use of imported brands, good quality, stable performance;

  5) can be used with forklifts, sub-car, stacking machine, shelves, automated management software to adapt to a variety of different occasions.

3. Product performance

1MaterialQ235B STEEL
2Load carriageOne load at a time
3Load SizeEuro pallet; Special pallet
5Running Speed5~65m/min
6Hoisting Speed1.5m/s2
9PositioningLaser Reading
10ControlSemi-Auto; Automated; Manually
11PowerPhase 3,380V,50Hz
14RechargingSemi-Auto; Automated
15Working voltage48V





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