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Design requirements of automated three - dimensional library

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Design requirements of automated three - dimensional library

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  China has the industrial base for the development of intelligent manufacturing industry. China has made a large number of related basic research results, mastered the long-term constraints of China's industrial development of intelligent manufacturing technology, such as robot technology, perception technology, complex manufacturing systems, intelligent information processing technology, as China's manufacturing automation A brand and industrial robots system integrators as an example, through the whole plant automation three-dimensional library industry has been widely used, in which the three-dimensional library in the complex structure of the information integration and processing, complex tasks for the planning and coordination of the difficulty and impact Become more prominent, the use of information feedback, optimization control, coordination and integration of the theory, methods and techniques to solve the control of disciplines in the system optimization and integration of the advantages of more and more will play a leading role in the intelligent three-dimensional library; A number of long-term serious dependence on and affect China's industrial safety of the core high-end equipment, such as automated control systems, high-end processing centers, etc .; the construction of a number of related national R & D base; training a large number of long-term related technology research and development work of high technology Talent.



The design of the automated three-dimensional library is an important part of the three-dimensional warehouse design, which directly affects the utilization of the three-dimensional warehouse space and space.

1, automated three-dimensional library form: automatic three-dimensional library in the form of a lot, and used in the automated three-dimensional warehouse of the three-dimensional library are generally: horizontal automatic three-dimensional library, leg-type automated three-dimensional library, mobile automatic library. Design, according to the cargo unit size, weight and other related factors to a reasonable selection.

2, the size of the goods: the size of the goods depends on the cargo unit and the automatic three-dimensional library columns, beams (legs) between the gap size, the same, to a certain extent, also by the three-dimensional structure of automation and other factors influences.

Stacking machine

The stacker is the core of the entire automated warehouse, which is carried from one place to another by manual operation, semi-automatic operation or fully automatic operation. It consists of rack (upper beam, lower beam, column), horizontal walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, loading platform, fork and electrical control system.

1, the formation of the form of stacking machine: stacking machine in a variety of forms, including single-track roadway stacker, two-track roadway stacker, roadway stacking machine, single column stacker, double column Stacking machine and so on.

2, the determination of the speed of the stacker: According to the warehouse flow requirements, calculate the stacker's horizontal speed, speed and fork speed.

3, other parameters and configuration: According to the warehouse site and the user's request to select the stacking machine positioning, communication and so on. The stacker's configuration can be high or low depending on the situation.

Other equipment

According to the warehouse process and some of the special requirements of users, may be appropriate to add some auxiliary equipment, including: handheld terminals, forklifts, balance hanging and so on.

Fifth, the initial design of the control system and warehouse management system (WMS) of the functional modules

According to the warehouse process and the user's requirements, reasonable design control system and warehouse management system (WMS). Control systems and warehouse management systems are generally modular and easy to upgrade and maintain.

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