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What is the essential system for automated library?

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What is the essential system for automated library?

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Intensive storage system as a system of automated three-dimensional library system, greatly enhance the efficiency of cargo storage, efficient use of warehouse space resources, is the traditional warehouse system does not have the characteristics.

    Advantages of an automated three-dimensional library intensive storage system:AutomatedWarehous

    1. High space utilization

    Dense storage system compared with the traditional storage system, the full use of the warehouse space resources, can be limited storage space in the effective and orderly storage of more goods. Due to the rational use of storage space, making its storage operations faster, not only increased the amount of cargo storage, but also shorten the storage time of the goods.

    2. Flexible operation

    The intensive storage system is more flexible than the traditional storage system, and it is based on the system design of the rail shuttle to enable faster and more efficient storage operations and utilize the telescopic shelves of the shuttle bus to enable the goods to be realized Multi-layer intensive storage.

    3. Rotary shelf automation of three-dimensional library

    The intensive storage system uses a rotary shelf. Rotary shelf itself with a power unit, no external power supply, can turn their own operations. Rotary shelf is a combination of straight line and curve segment of the circular orbit, according to pre-set procedures for a certain period of time to rotate the work.

    4. autonomous navigation

    Wheeled car is an important part of the intensive storage system, can be more equipped with a car inside the positioning control system to achieve independent navigation and automatic access to cargo functions. Most of the trolley uses magnetic stripe navigation technology, which is more accurate than other types of navigation technology, the price will be low, but also the most widely used in the storage system car navigation technology.

    5. Movable shelves

    In addition to rotating shelves, there are also removable shelves. Movable shelves can move along the ground track, there is no gap between the shelf and the shelf, you can save space to store more goods. Two kinds of shelves with each other, according to the different transport goods to choose to ensure the efficiency of cargo storage operations.


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