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Application of intelligent three - dimensional library

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Application of intelligent three - dimensional library

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Intelligent three-dimensional library is also called intelligent three-dimensional storage, is the use of automated storage devices and computer management system collaboration to achieve the three-dimensional warehouse of the high-level rationalization, access automation, and ease of operation. The intelligent three-dimensional library is mainly composed of shelves, roadway stacking cranes (stacking machines), entry (out) library workstations, dispatch control systems and management systems. Combined with different types of warehouse management software, graphical monitoring and dispatching software, bar code recognition and tracking system, handling robot, AGV car, cargo sorting system, stacker identification system, stacker control system, cargo detector, etc. Realizes the three-dimensional warehouse operation mode of the stand-alone, single-machine automatic, online control, network control and so on, realizes the three-dimensional storage, automatic access and standardized management of the warehouse goods, can greatly reduce the storage and transportation costs, reduce the labor intensity, Improve the utilization of warehouse space.

    Intelligent three-dimensional library Application:AutomatedWarehous

    Logistics turnover of the various sectors of the library, the power industry meter turnover of intelligent three-dimensional library

    Specific application areas

    Industrial production

    Logistics field

    Commodity manufacturing

    Military application

    Guangdong Shun Li Intelligent Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. has strong technical force and product development capabilities, professional senior technical staff more than 100, including 50 senior design and planning engineers, project implementation engineers 27 people, professional after-sales service team 15 Customers provide the most professional intelligent three-dimensional library of the program and design to protect the customer site installation management and equipment to use the rapid response.


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