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Three-dimensional library is the product of modern logistics development

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Three-dimensional library is the product of modern logistics development

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From the ancient Chinese medicine store in the medicine cabinet to the various types of modern shopping malls used in a variety of stores, to the large three-dimensional library of steel or more advanced materials made of shelves, are familiar to people, But then a deeper level into the professional point of view of the shelf, may not have many people know.

The development of modern logistics is the prerequisite for the emergence and development of the three-dimensional library, and is compatible with the development of industry and science and technology. Modern large-scale production, more and more to promote industrial production socialization, specialization, centralization. Production of highly mechanized, automation must require the distribution of supplies in a timely, prompt and accurate manner. Which prompted the three-dimensional library technology has been rapid development, and has become a symbol of high-tech factory design. 立体库

When the cost savings and improve efficiency These modern management concepts become the primary consideration of managers, how to effectively use the warehouse space, how to improve the use of the warehouse volume, has also been put on an important position. The focus of storage management has two directions, one is how to increase the effective use of storage space, and second, how to promote the flow of goods. Storage space for the storage of goods that space, although the surface of the space for storage purposes, but in fact this space for the purchase of goods distribution distribution station, so the storage area has become the center of the storage and transportation of goods. So the effective use of storage space has become a manager and logistics center industry to improve the important issue.

For the planning of space, we must first classify, understand the direction of the use of space, and then to assess its weight in all aspects of trade-offs, evaluation of the weight of the comparison and then layout design. If the storage space is limited and can not be planning and design changes, then we should seek ways to put the existing storage space utilization to the limit. This raises a higher demand for the shelves. The emergence of modern warehouses, driven by the development of shelves.


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