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What is the classification of the operation of the three-dimensional library?

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What is the classification of the operation of the three-dimensional library?

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      Loading machinery

    1) shelf forklift three-dimensional library

   There are three kinds of forklifts used in the three-dimensional library, one is the high lift height (high lift) forklift, one is the forklift truck, one is the side forklift. After the two forklifts also need to have a certain height of lifting. Forklift truck from the ground load, not fixed facilities, and thus more mobile. However, the width of the channel occupied by the forklift operation is wide, and the maximum lifting height is generally not more than 6 meters, therefore, only applies to the middle and lower three-dimensional warehouse use. Three-dimensional library

    2) Roadway stacker three-dimensional libraryAutomatedWarehous

    The inter-shelf channel of the three-dimensional library adopts the roadway stacker, and the roadway stacker is mainly used in the upper part of the upper load-bearing sag and the lower rail. Mainly used in high-level three-dimensional warehouse.

    According to the mode of operation

    1) manual addressing, manual loading method. Operated by a man-made machine and identified on a high-rise shelf, and then manually unloaded the goods from the shelves or loaded the goods on the truck into the shelves.

  2)automatic addressing, manual loading method. Press the input command, the machine automatically run the address of the address, run to the pre-order, the automatic stop, and then by the manual loading or picking from the shelves.

  3)automatic addressing, automatic loading and unloading, is no one mode of operation. Press the instructions of the controller or according to the computer out of the library, storage instructions for automatic operation.

    The above three methods, artificial addressing, artificial loading is mainly applicable to the middle and lower three-dimensional warehouse trucks, the other two for medium and high-level three-dimensional warehouse.


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