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The requirements of the automated three - dimensional library in the distribution of goods and personnel

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The requirements of the automated three - dimensional library in the distribution of goods and personnel

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Determine the form and specifications of the cargo unit

    Since the premise of the automated three-dimensional library is the unitary handling, it is a very important question to determine the form, size and weight of the cargo unit. It will affect the third-party logistics business investment in the warehouse, and will affect the entire storage system, facilities and other issues. Therefore, in order to reasonably determine the form, size and weight of the cargo unit, all possible forms and specifications of the cargo units should be listed on the basis of the results of the investigation and statistics and a reasonable choice should be made. For those shapes and sizes that are special or very heavy, they can be handled separately. Automated three-dimensional library

    Determine library capacity (including cache)自动化立体库

    The capacity of the warehouse is the number of cargo units that can be accommodated at the same time, which is a very important parameter for the automated three-dimensional library. Because the stock cycle will be affected by many unexpected factors, the peak value of the inventory will sometimes go far beyond the actual library capacity of the automated library. In addition, some automated three-dimensional library only consider the capacity of the shelf area, while ignoring the area of the cache area, resulting in the lack of area of the buffer zone, making the goods out of the shelf area, the warehouse outside the goods into The

    Staff and equipment match

    No matter how high the automation of the three-dimensional library, the specific operation still requires some manual labor, so the number of staff to be appropriate. Inadequate staff will reduce the efficiency of the warehouse, too much will cause waste. Automated three-dimensional library uses a large number of advanced equipment, so the quality of personnel requirements are relatively high, the quality of personnel can not keep up, the same will reduce the storage capacity of the warehouse. Third-party logistics companies need to recruit specialized personnel, and its specialized training.



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