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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three-dimensional library?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three-dimensional library?

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Through the three-dimensional library from the shelf high-end unit to send goods (purchase), the unit of goods automatically to the low-end movement, from the low-end library. Or one end of the feed, driven by the movement to move to the other end.

    The main advantages of this three-dimensional library are:

    This shelf is all closely arranged, so the warehouse utilization and volume utilization can be greatly improved, up to 90%. Three-dimensional library

    Only at both ends of the operation, but also greatly save sub-equipment and mechanical operation consumption.

    This warehouse strictly implement the goods first and first out, effectively prevent the presence of dull goods.AutomatedWarehous

    The warehouse at both ends of the warehouse is independent of the library and out of the operating area, is conducive to planning the warehouse operating area, to prevent access to the library operations interfere with each other and management of chaos is conducive to civilized management and improve work efficiency.

    This kind of shelf storage unit cargo, each unit of goods has its own tray or container protection, without stacking, so can reduce the loss of goods.

    All the goods in the channel were stored in different materials, it will not happen when the general warehouse of different goods mixed when the common mixed, chaotic and other accidents.

    Is conducive to multi-species, multi-size, small batch, multi-batch storage and planning is conducive to orderly purchase and shipping.

    Planning neatly, is conducive to no one automatic operation and electronic computer management.

    The main drawback of this three-dimensional library is:

    Each channel can only deposit the same kind of material, so the stock type is limited, it is difficult to carry out the storage.

    As the size of the channel, the same length, each kind of cargo storage capacity is roughly the same, or doubled, therefore, often there are some channel cargo is not enough, some channels have excess cargo unbalanced, will reduce the utilization rate.

    This warehouse technology requirements are higher, equipment manufacturing and warehouse construction of the higher precision, the tray, container and other unit carrier requirements are higher, to prevent the gravity slide in the stuck, once stuck, troubleshooting more difficult Big.

    This warehouse structure is a steel structure, the higher the cost is its shortcomings.

    Areas of application:

    In the crowded area of the factory or the circulation of the warehouse, mainly used to reduce the area and increase the storage capacity.

    Used as a picking warehouse for distribution centers, especially for automatic sorting of individual components.

    For the site delivery warehouse, shipped on the platform above, is conducive to improving the loading speed, reduce the loading distance.

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