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What should I do with the automated library?

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What should I do with the automated library?

Release date:2017-04-25 Author: Click:

    The preparation of the automated three-dimensional library design

    1. To understand the site conditions of the building, including weather, terrain, geological conditions, ground carrying capacity, wind and snow load, earthquake conditions and other environmental impact. Automated three-dimensional library

    2. In the overall design of the automated three-dimensional library, the mechanical, structural, electrical, civil and other professional cross each other, mutual restraint, which requires third-party logistics enterprises in the design must take into account the professional needs. For example, the mechanical precision of the movement should be selected according to the accuracy of the structure and the settlement accuracy of the civil construction.AutomatedWarehous

    3. To develop a third-party logistics enterprises on the storage system investment, staffing and other programs, in order to determine the size of the storage system and mechanization, the degree of automation.

    4. To investigate the conditions of other aspects related to the third-party logistics enterprise's warehousing system, for example, the source of the goods, the traffic conditions in the warehouse, the packaging of the goods, the method of handling the goods, the final destination of the goods and the means of transport and many more.

    The automation of the three-dimensional library is composed of three-dimensional shelves, railroad roadway stacking machine, out of the tray pallet conveyor system, the size of the bar code reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system and other Cabinets, trays, adjustment platform, steel platform and other auxiliary equipment composed of complex automated systems. The use of first-class integrated logistics concept, the use of advanced control, bus, communications and information technology, through the coordination of the above equipment for storage operations.

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