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Advantages of Monitoring and Control System of Intelligent Stereo Library

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Advantages of Monitoring and Control System of Intelligent Stereo Library

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Intelligent three - dimensional library control system

    Advanced technology, the use of on-site control of the direct communication of the bus, the real computer is not only control, all the decision-making, job scheduling and on-site information, etc. by the stacking machine, outbound and storage equipment and other field devices through mutual communication Coordination completed.

    ● The pallet number of each pallet is recorded in the database of the stacker and the computer. The administrator can use the contrast function to compare the records of the computer and the records in the stacker and modify it. The modification can be done automatically and manually The

    ● System software and hardware function is complete, the user interface is clear, easy to operate and maintain. Intelligent three-dimensional libraryAutomatedWarehous

    ● Stacker has the function of automatically recalling the origin, that is, regardless of any situation, as long as the fork center and horizontal operation is normal, according to the command issued automatically return to the origin. This means that the operator and maintenance personnel can try not to enter the roadway.

    ● intelligent control system, you can achieve a real automatic disk library function, to avoid the previous heavy manual library work to reduce the warehouse manager's work intensity, while ensuring the error rate of the library operation is zero.

 Intelligent three - dimensional library monitoring and management system

    Monitoring and management system, including data management, storage management, a library management, query, statements, documents and inventory, alarm, monitoring and animation modules

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