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Three-dimensional library by the enterprise welcomed the reasons

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Three-dimensional library by the enterprise welcomed the reasons

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Dimensional library, is the current high level of technical form. The main body of the automated warehouse consists of shelves, roadway stacking cranes, inbound (out) library workstations and automatic loading (out) and operation control systems. Shelf is a steel structure or reinforced concrete structure of the building or structure, the shelf is the standard size of the cargo space, roadway stacking crane walk through the road between the shelves, complete the deposit, pick up the work. Management using computer and bar code technology.

    Three-dimensional library has the characteristics立体库

    1) centralized storage of goods, three-dimensional, reduce the area occupied. In countries where land prices are expensive, the effect is particularly pronounced. Three-dimensional library

    2) mechanization and automation of warehouse operations reduce the labor intensity of workers, save labor, shorten the operating time.

    3) items out of storage quickly and accurately, reducing the vehicle to be installed waiting time to improve the warehouse storage turnover capacity.

    4) the use of electronic computer control and management, is conducive to compressing inventory and accelerating the turnover of goods, reducing storage costs, from the surface to reduce the cost of the product.

    5) can be adapted to special circumstances of the operation, such as high temperature, low temperature operation, highly toxic, radioactive and corrosive and other materials storage.

    6) to improve the safety and reliability of the warehouse, to facilitate a reasonable storage and scientific conservation, improve the quality of custody to ensure the safety of the warehouse.

    7) Due to the use of computer management, speed up the processing of various business activities, shorten the delivery time.

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