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What is the role of intelligent three-dimensional library on the enterprise?

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What is the role of intelligent three-dimensional library on the enterprise?

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First, save the warehouse area, so that the warehouse space to achieve full use. As the intelligent three-dimensional library using large-scale storage shelves assembled, coupled with automated management technology makes the goods easy to find, so the construction of intelligent three-dimensional library than the traditional warehouse covers an area of small, but the space utilization. In developed countries, to improve the utilization of space has been as a system of rationality and advanced important assessment indicators. In promoting energy conservation and environmental protection today, intelligent three-dimensional library in saving land resources has a very good effect, but also will make the future development of a major trend of warehousing. Intelligent three-dimensional libraryAutomatedWarehous

    Second, automated management to improve the management level of the warehouse. The intelligent three-dimensional library uses the computer to carry on the accurate information management to the goods information, reduces the mistake that may appear in the storage goods and improves the work efficiency. At the same time, three-dimensional automated warehouse in the storage of goods shipped to achieve the motorized, handling safe and reliable, reducing the damage rate of the goods, but also through special design so that some of the special requirements of the environment can be a good save Environment, such as toxic, explosive goods, also reduces the people in the handling of goods may be hurt.

    Third, the intelligent three-dimensional library can form an advanced production chain, and promote the progress of productivity. Professionals point out that because of the high efficiency of access to intelligent three-dimensional library, it can effectively connect the warehouse production areas, can be formed in the storage of automated logistics system, resulting in a planned production chain, so that the production capacity has been large Increase the range.


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