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Development Prospect of Automated Cubic Library

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Development Prospect of Automated Cubic Library

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The automation of the three-dimensional library is composed of three-dimensional shelves, railroad roadway stacking machine, out of the tray pallet conveyor system, the size of the bar code reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system and other Cabinets, trays, adjustment platform, steel platform and other auxiliary equipment composed of complex automated systems. The use of first-class integrated logistics concept, the use of advanced control, bus, communications and information technology, through the coordination of the above equipment for storage operations.自动化立体库

    In today's high human capital, reduce the cost of enterprises, to achieve automation management has become an important strategic research topics. For the manufacturing sector, the cost of logistics in its cost is quite large, the statistics show that logistics costs are usually accounted for more than 50% of the manufacturing cost ratio, therefore, material and warehouse management and cost control has become the impact of product market competitiveness The key, and the effectiveness of the enterprise are inseparable. Automated three-dimensional library

    As the operating efficiency of automated three-dimensional library and the level of automation technology can make the enterprise logistics efficiency greatly improved, the basic technology of three-dimensional library is also increasingly mature, so more and more enterprises began to use automated warehouse. Many enterprises not only in the construction of large-scale three-dimensional library, but also according to the need to build a lot of small and medium-sized automated three-dimensional library.

    2012 is China's automated three-dimensional library to get a faster development of the year. At the beginning of 2012, due to the large number of logistics systems projects have started, automated three-dimensional library project construction market is booming, according to incomplete statistics, 2012 construction of large-scale three-dimensional warehouse under construction projects have more than 130, as of 2012 12 Month, the national automation of three-dimensional library to maintain more than 1,200.

    With the continuous improvement of the national economy and the high demand for automated warehouses, tobacco, medicine, machinery and other industries continue to grow rapidly, the future of automated warehouse is facing a larger market demand. To the pharmaceutical industry, for example, according to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that as of 2012, China's industrial output value of more than 20 million enterprises in the number of 6075 to 10% of the demand, the pharmaceutical industry demand for automated warehouse There are 607 sets, while the amount of less than 200 sets, the market prospects.


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