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What are the advantages of the intelligent three-dimensional library?

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What are the advantages of the intelligent three-dimensional library?

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Intelligent three-dimensional library of its superiority is multifaceted, for enterprises, can be reflected from the following aspects:

    Space utilization

    Improve the space utilization of the early three-dimensional warehouse concept, the basic starting point is to improve space utilization, adequate savings and valuable land. In some developed countries in the West, the view of improving space utilization has been more broad and profound meaning, saving land, has been associated with more energy conservation, environmental protection and other aspects. Some even the utilization of space as a system of rationality and advanced assessment of the important indicators to deal with. The spatial utilization of the three-dimensional library is closely linked to its planning. In general, from the intelligent three-dimensional library of its spatial utilization rate of ordinary flat library 2-5 times. This is quite impressive. Intelligent three-dimensional library

    Logistics system

    Easy to form an advanced logistics system to improve the level of production management The traditional warehouse is only the place of storage of goods, save the goods is its only function, is a "static storage." Automated warehouse using advanced automated material handling equipment, not only can the goods in the warehouse as needed automatic access, and can be outside the warehouse and the production of organic links, and through the computer management system and automated material handling equipment to make the warehouse Enterprise production logistics in an important part. Enterprise purchased parts and homemade production parts into the automated warehouse storage is a part of the entire production, short-term storage is in the specified time automatically output to the next process to produce, thus forming an automated logistics system, which is a " Dynamic storage ", but also today's automated warehouse development of a clear technical trend. The above-mentioned logistics system is a subsystem of the whole enterprise production management system (from the order, the necessary design and planning, planning and production arrangements, manufacturing, assembly, testing, shipping, etc.), the establishment of logistics systems and business Real-time connectivity between systems is another significant trend in the development of automated elevated warehouses. Modern enterprises put forward higher requirements for management, "management efficiency" thinking has become the consensus of most of the modern enterprise managers.AutomatedWarehous

    Production management is an important part of enterprise management, including product planning, production organization, logistics planning, outsourcing peripherals, product quality, cost estimates and so on. Automated elevated library system as a central part of the production process, almost involved in the whole process of production management.

    Access rhythm

    Speed up the rhythm of access to goods, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency to establish an automated warehouse as the center of the logistics system, its superiority is also reflected in the automated viaduct has a fast out of library capacity, can quickly and properly Into the high library (storage), but also quickly and promptly and automatically to the production of spare parts and raw materials delivered to the production line. This feature is the ordinary flat library can not be achieved. At the same time, the realization of automated warehouse is to reduce the labor intensity of workers the most typical example. This reduction in labor intensity is comprehensive, including: 1) the use of automatic roadway stacker to replace the manual storage of goods and manual picking, both quick and effort. As the workers do not have to enter the warehouse work, the working environment greatly improved. 2) The use of computer management system to manage the goods, greatly enhanced the management of goods, so that the warehouse management of scientific, accurate and reliable quality improvement, out of library management, inventory, statements and other workloads become simple and quick , The labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced. 3) Three-dimensional library system, supplemented by pre-library auxiliary transport equipment, so that the library becomes simple and convenient. 4) automated three-dimensional library system required operators and system maintenance personnel rarely, not only saves manpower and resources, save money, but also improve the working environment, serve multiple purposes.

    Inventory backlog

    Reduce the backlog of inventory funds After a number of large enterprises to investigate the investigation, due to historical reasons behind the management means backward, material management scattered, so that the production management and production links are difficult to place in place, in order to achieve the expected production capacity and meet the production requirements, Prepare adequate raw materials and spare parts. So the backlog of inventory becomes a bigger problem. How to reduce the backlog of inventory and fully meet the production needs, has become a large enterprise had to face a big problem. The elevated library system is one of the most effective ways to solve this problem. 1) to automation Li library as the center of the factory logistics system to solve the production of all aspects of circulation and supply and demand contradictions. So that the supply of raw materials and parts of the production and the number of production required to achieve an optimal value. 2) the establishment of computer network system to purchase raw materials and parts procurement more timely and meet the actual needs. 3) the establishment of computer management system to strengthen the macro-control function, so that the production of all aspects of production to meet the actual needs. 4) the establishment of finished products and semi-finished products library to address the market supply and demand of temporary inconsistencies, give full play to the production potential of enterprises.

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