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What are the parts of the automated library?

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What are the parts of the automated library?

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Automated three-dimensional library of a wide range of applications, almost all over the industry. In China, the automation of the warehouse application industry mainly mechanical, metallurgical, chemical, aerospace, electronics, medicine, books, food processing, tobacco, printing, distribution centers, airports, ports and so on.

    Automated three-dimensional library basically consists of the following components: automated three-dimensional library

    High - rise shelves: steel used to store goods. At present, there are two basic forms of welded and combined shelves.AutomatedWarehous

    A device for carrying goods, also known as a station.

    Roadway Stacker: A device for automatic access to cargo. According to the structure is divided into single column and double column two basic forms; by service mode is divided into straight, corners and transfer car three basic forms.

    Conveyor system: The main peripheral of the three-dimensional library, which is responsible for transporting the goods to the stacker or removing the cargo from the stacker. Conveyor types are very many, common roller conveyor, chain conveyor, lift, distribution vehicles, lifting machines, belt machines and so on.

    AGV system: that is automatically guided car. According to its guidance is divided into induction-oriented car and laser-guided car.

    Automatic control system: automatic control system for driving the automation of the three-dimensional library system. At present, the use of field bus mode for the control mode.

    Inventory Information Management System (WMS): also known as the central computer management system. Is the core of fully automated three-dimensional library system. At present, the typical automated three-dimensional library system uses a large database system (such as ORACLE, SYBASE, etc.) to build a typical client / server system, with other systems (such as ERP systems, etc.) networking or integration.

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