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The Historical Origin of the Three - dimensional Library

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The Historical Origin of the Three - dimensional Library

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 Three-dimensional library, also known as the elevated library or elevated warehouse, generally refers to the use of several layers, ten layers or even dozens of layers of high shelf storage unit cargo, with the corresponding material handling equipment for storage and storage operations warehouse. Because this type of warehouse can make full use of space to store the goods, often vividly called "three-dimensional warehouse." Three-dimensional library

    (AS / RS) is the revolutionary achievement of logistics technology. It is usually composed of high-rise shelves, roadway stacker, conveyor, control system and computer management system (WMS), etc., can be completed under the control of the computer system unit Automatic access to the goods.AutomatedWarehous

    The emergence and development of three-dimensional warehouses was the result of production and technological development after the Second World War. In the early 1950s, there were three-dimensional warehouses using bridge-type stacking cranes in the late 1950s. In the late 1960s, there were driver-operated roadway stacking cranes. In 1963, the United States took the lead in adopting computer control technology in the elevated warehouse. The first computer-controlled three-dimensional warehouse. Since then, automated warehouse in the United States and Europe have been rapid development, and the formation of a special discipline. In the mid-1960s, Japan began to build three-dimensional warehouse, and the development of faster and faster, as the world today has one of the largest automated warehouse. China's three-dimensional warehouse and its material handling equipment development is not too late, in 1963 developed into the first bridge stacking crane (Machinery Department of Beijing Lifting and Transportation Machinery Research Institute), started in 1973, the development of China's first by the computer Control of the automated warehouse (15 meters high, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is responsible for lifting), the system put into operation in 1980. To the present (2009) so far, China's number of automated warehouse has more than 1,200. Three-dimensional warehouse has a very high space utilization, a strong out of the library capacity, the use of computer control and management of enterprises and the implementation of modern management and other characteristics, has become an enterprise logistics and production management indispensable storage technology, more and more Business attention.

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